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At The Olin Financial Group, we discuss your unique situation and needs, and then hand-tailor your plan. We’ll meet with you to answer all your questions and continue to be available when new questions arise. It’s our investment in you. And it’s your chance to really see what it’s like to work together.

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Retirement Services

We specialize in retirement planning and work with hundreds of retirees. We focus on working with people like you, during the years preceding retirement, to help educate and prepare you for the important decisions you’ll soon have to make.

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401k Distribution Strategies

Our team provides you with options for distributing your assets from your current retirement plan(s) in a tax-efficient manner, based on your individual needs.

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Asset Management

We help you clarify your personal goals, and then identify the most appropriate investment strategies designed to help you meet those goals.

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Estate Investment Planning

We can help you and your family determine the most appropriate ways to preserve and pass on your assets while reducing your tax obligations.

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Social Security Strategies

Our strategies are different for everyone we work with. Some people have good longevity and might delay benefits and others might want to begin as early as possible.

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We use a unique, highly personalized Envision process to create an effective, easy-to-understand method for you to prioritize and achieve important life goals.

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